“The Direction In Which Education Starts A Man, Will Determine His Future In Life.”

– Plato

Student diversity

Students taking participation in our programs come both from Switzerland and abroad. Therefore, students can benefit from cross-cultural learning and adapting to the cultural diversity. Our School embraces diversities, different opinions, and varieties in educational and professional background, languages and age groups of students.

Personalized attention

For us, students are not just a number. Our School gives special attention to every student, their needs and concerns. Both the administration and lecturing team, will try to get to know students, their interests, ideas, concerns etc. Because of the small size classes, the School’s staff will get to know students by their first name starting from the very first day of their enrollment, and will work with the students on a one-to-one basis to provide ongoing support and guidance.
Family like atmosphere Because of the small size classes, and the shared accommodation, the students will develop a strong sense of community and possibility to build a lasting friendships with fellow peers and School members.
Through participation in the informal gatherings and extracurricular activities, students will get an opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, and circles of interest.

Social and cultural activities

Students can help expand their personal and professional network by participating in various events hosted by Sevanan Business School during the academic year. Students are also encouraged to take participation to a various number of career events hosted by different career agencies and companies. Many students add value to their experience as an international students by enrolling in German lessons. In this way they can much better experience their host country. Students can also take an advantage of various sports and recreational activities in Zürich or the regional areas, such as skiing, hiking etc.

Students Right and Law

Students are expected to respect the Culture and Principles of the School. Students do have rights to be respected and have freedom to acquire the necessary actions to make the best of use of them and achieve according the objective that made them a Sevanan member. A student should always respect all community member (Students, faculty and staffs). Finally, we expect each student to maintain absolute integrity and to have a high standard of individual honor in academic work.

Student Advisory Service

When students moves to a new country the experience, despite much preparation beforehand, can feel overwhelming. Whether an individual moves to a country with the same first language or not, the process of assimilating the new culture can be a time of great emotional turbulence. This can apply to international students and it is helpful to realize that is quite normal to feel this way. To overcome such situations advice and support are always available from the Sevanan Network.